Students banned from graduation for lightsaber battle

Two Massachusetts students were suspended for a mock lightsaber battle in the school cafeteria. The stunt was a hit with their fellow students, but school officials were not amused – the two have been banned from attending their own graduation ceremony as well. A Facebook page supporting their right to walk has more than 2000 fans, and a hearing will be held next week – perhaps the administration will change their minds. (via)

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  1. You know, I understand that there’s a concern in the United States about students being threatened or injured when weapons are brought on campus. Hell, when I was in high school, they were confiscating knives all of the time (And I’m not talking about pocket knives here. The guy with the locker next to me kept a ten inch bowie knife taped to the bottom side of his locker shelf, “just in case.”) This is, I think, a rational or understandable fear and when the problem arises in a legitimate way, it certainly needs to be dealt with.

    This is just horrible though. These are obviously not real weapons, they are obviously not going to harm anyone, and the fact that both boys had the toys makes it absolutely clear that there was no assaulting or bullying going on. Contrary to popular belief in this country, people do need to be allowed to act their age. We need to stop reprimanding young people for acting like young people, only to laugh about it when they act out self-destructively later and call it a Mid-Life Crisis. These kids need to be allowed to walk. They earned it just by surviving high school with enough good humor intact to pull a prank like that and find what popularity they could. The principal can, like all high school principals, get bent.

  2. On the one hand I understand the school’s decision because it wasn’t a sanctioned act the students involved were participating in meaningless horseplay. On the other hand… WTF?!?! they didn’t hurt anyone. they didn’t cause any damage to school property lightsabers are always clearly toys in any setting whatsoever!

  3. Someone could have been hit by a bus in the parking lot. Someone can easily be injured when watching a baseball game. When is “could” going to be ditched so people, especially kids, can go back to living?

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