5 Replies to “Stormtroopers in Love”

  1. HAHAHAH! And by the looks of the context of some of the photos (The Beer Store!), I think they’re Canadian stormtroopers. Yav will be thrilled! Those crazy Canadians…

  2. Yep. I hurt myself laughing. Definitely Canadian. There’s a picture of Sam the Record Man on Yonge St. in Toronto too. Sam recently close forever. Wah!!!

  3. Damn, the female stormie is as cute as a button. And with nice ink work on her sides, too.

    I love how, other than the passerby looking at the stormie in the fountain, no one is giving them a second glance. Either the photographer had impeccable timing to not get them in the shot, Canadians are very good at taking cues from photographers, or the couple goes out in those helmets WAY too often for their own good.

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