Still holding on?

The commitment-phobic Big Three networks are apparently giving the TV version of a promise ring to several new genre shows. According to E!’s Watch With Kristin, Chuck, Bionic Woman and Journeyman have gotten orders for a few more scripts.

Okay, not the ringing endorsement of the rest of a full season, but better than dropping them altogether. And it gives them a little time to either find some audience or hang it up.

2 Replies to “Still holding on?”

  1. Eh. I’m pretty close to giving up on Bionic Woman. I just don’t like Jaime. Which is kind of a problem since she’s the title character.

  2. Yeay for Chuck! Let’s hope they keep that one for a while.

    Meh for Journeyman. Let’s hope they use these new episodes to figure out how to pace their episodes properly.

    Eh for Bionic Woman. Didn’t care enough to try it in the first place.

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