Today in Episode VII: Did The Force Awakens really ‘lose control’ of their secrets? Who is Lupita Nyong’o playing?

Today’s biggest rumor adds another wrinkle to all the teaser trailer reports, but it wasn’t the only thing we heard today.

rumors-swirl-driverThe Hollywood Reporter has an article on secrecy measures taken on the Episode VII set – and how some of them failed. Mostly this revolves around the Greenham Common and Puzzlewood set stuff and the occasional tweet – nothing about the (apparently) massive concept art leaks, the stormtroopers or any of the most mysterious things we’ve heard.

An object from the TMZ pics gets a mention, bit not the leak itself. Oversight? Request? Either way, it seems like they’re deliberately ignoring a huge chunk of stuff that’s been fueling the madness, and that just seems really odd. My conspiracy theory that many of these ‘leaks’ are intended to be misleading really doesn’t need the help, THR.

Though, for those who are constantly railing that Lucasfilm needs to address every rumor/leak that comes down the tubes, this rings very true:

Disney, besieged by the blanket media coverage of the shoot, essentially has thrown up its hands, choosing to ignore it all. “There’s so much out there, it’s easier to not correct false rumors because then people think the stuff we don’t correct is true,” says one insider.

The article also reveals one step that was taken at Pinewood: Stickers over phone cameras.

→ On that note, we have yet another concept art description from Jason at Making Star Wars, this one of a location and the type of characters we may meet there. Underworld added onto this, saying that one of those characters may be the one played by Lupita Nyong’o. Jason comes back with more description of said character. Curious…

Report: Disney has ‘bigger plans’ for The Force Awakens trailer drop than The Hobbit

the-force-awakensIn stark contrast to yesterday’s rumor, /Film is saying today that Disney has a ‘bigger plan’ for The Force Awakens trailer than a mere debut on The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies. They’re aiming for “something more grand.” What is it? /Film doesn’t know, though they offer some ideas. I’m not at all a fan of this one, but it does seem plenty ‘grand:’

Then there’s the chance they go the route James Cameron did with Avatar. Rent out a ton of theaters from coast to coast and invite fans to come in and watch the trailer. Now you’re generating news reports because of the crowds, crazy social media buzz, and an event like atmosphere Star Wars demands.

A bit more palatable is something tied to Thanksgiving on TV. They mention that Jurassic World may debut a trailer during an NFL game on that night, something Star Wars may emulate and also (jokingly) a tie-in with the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade. At least neither of those require one to be lucky enough to live near a ‘chosen’ theater…

What’s big enough? What’s too big? Then again, look at the title. They just dropped it on Twitter, and that’s all it took to make it the day’s biggest entertainment story. You don’t need an ‘event’ to make a major Star Wars news drop: We, the fans and the media, are more than willing to do the work.

Rumor: The Force Awakens trailer to be on new Hobbit film?

the-force-awakensWith Mockingjay apparently out of the running, it looks like we may see the (still only rumored itself) The Force Awakens teaser trailer on The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies. Of course, this is per someone with a new-deleted Twitter account who claims to have heard it from Tommy Gormley, The Force Awakens‘s first assistant director.

And even if there’s truth to this, that’s not to say it won’t debut on TV somewhere before The Hobbit is out on December 17… ABC’s most likely candidate, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., has it’s mid-season finale on December 9. Of course, if ABC decides to put all their weight on promoting Agent Carter – which takes over the time slot starting January 6 – who would blame them? And while The Hobbit films haven’t been Jackson’s best, they’ll certainly get more eyeballs.

Marvel’s February comic solicitations; Alexandra Bracken added on kid’s ANH adaption

Darth Vader #2

Darth Vader #2

Marvel’s February solicitations (via The Beat) are out, and it includes not only Darth Vader #1, but the second issue as well. (Cover at right.) Both issues will have variant covers, naturally. You can get a preview of Darth Vader #1over at Also listed is Star Wars #2.

The third SDCC title, the Princess Leia miniseries, will launch in March.

In other EUish sorts of news, we learned a few days ago that Alexandra Bracken is replacing R.J. Palacio on the retelling of A New Hope for young readers. Subtitled Being the Story of Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, and the Rise of the Rebellion, it’s due out on June 23. The book was announced back in April, and the other two original trilogy adaptions are still being penned by authors Adam Gidwitz and Tom Angleberger.

On the fence about Celebration Anaheim?

It may not be the ‘trailer’ we’re waiting for – this Celebration Anaheim video won’t tell you anything you don’t already know. But it will make you really want to go to Celebration. Most of the footage seems to come from Celebration Europe in Germany and Celebration VI in Orlando.

News? Well, there’s the artist list, which includes plenty of familiar names.

Rumor: Two different description of The Force Awakens teaser trailer?

Rumors!Badass Digest had our first Description of The Force Awakens trailer this afternoon; Within a few hours we had another from Making Star Wars. So who’s right? Is anyone right? Turns out, one of those extremely random things that’s been floating around is that there are actually two different 1-minute cuts, and they haven’t chosen which to release yet.

Timing? The only thing that folks in the know agree on is “soon.” One thing that may squash our hopes for this week, though: Disney will be releasing the Cinderella trailer on Wednesday. Sad trombone.