Start planning for San Diego Comic Con!

Because we have a Star Wars schedule. The Clone Wars, The Old Republic and the Fate of the Jedi (with all three authors!) panels are all on Friday. And so is the Star Wars Spectacular, which basically means that all the ‘breaking news’ from it will already be public by the time it’s shown on G4. Nice, by which I mean something unprintable.

4 Replies to “Start planning for San Diego Comic Con!”

  1. Paula, you’re breaking my heart. ;) It’s not about beating anyone, but it is about getting reliable news up as soon as possible. (Sorry, I just can’t turn off those instincts…) I just hope doesn’t hold off until after G4.

    We’ll link something, assuming I’m not so exhausted after my second third week of day shift that I drop at 8pm. And at the very least there’s Twitter.

  2. I hope something really cool will be shown, making the G4 broadcast not a total bust. They’re certainly promoting it enough… I saw a commercial for the event while watching Sy-Fy (shudder) the other day.

  3. I know. I’m breaking your journalist tendencies.

    Just don’t die while giving childbirth, ‘kay?

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