Star Wars 1313 – Why, it is a video game!

Brace yourselves, people. You not only have me reporting your Star Wars news instead of Dunc, but it’s video game news. So you’re kinda doomed. But let’s see what we can piece together, because it sounds kinda interesting. (And 13 is my favorite number.)

So, as suspected in an earlier round-up of postulation, Star Wars 1313 is, indeed, a video game. It was announced on SpikeTV to coincide with the big Electronic Entertainment Expo (aka E3). It will take place on Level 1313 of Coruscant where you get to be a “lethal bounty hunter” (as opposed to a bounty hunter who, say, hands out marshmallows?) who hunts down marks using “exotic weaponry.” So no powers or lightsabers, here.

Rud was kind enough to explain to us on Twitter that it’s an “over-the-shoulder third person shooter” type of game, as opposed to a first-person shooter. And per other comments on Twitter (nothing but crack reporting here), it looks similar in style to Arkham City.

According to TheForce.Net (who actually watched the whole announcement), we’ll get to see game play on Monday night on SpikeTV.

I kinda like the idea of a shoot-em-up game for Star Wars. I have no skills with lightsabers in video games. It’s kinda pathetic.

So what does everyone think? Are you anticipating awesome with this?

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  1. Good point, Jason. It’s a brilliant test market, of this is the case. They can see what people respond to in the game setting.

  2. As much as I like bounty hunters and Star Wars, the idea of playing yet another White Human Male bores me to tears.

    Throw in some character customization and I might be interested. Hey, it worked for Dragon Age and Mass Effect…

  3. I’m with both Jason and Katie. The setting sounds like it could be fun, especially if it ties in with new material, but what’s really going to make it or break it for me is not the type of weapons we use but the characters we get to play and meet.

  4. It could also be that they scrapped the live-action series for parts and shoved what was left into this game. Or the game was originally supposed to go alongside the show. Finally some material for a good old-fashioned conspiracy theory. ;-)

  5. Gonna go with “guarded enthusiasm” as a response. Conceptually, this could share a lot of DNA with Prey 2, which I was heavily anticipating before it slipped of into video-game limbo. I’m really, really not a fan of having to aim and shoot in a third person view, though. I think the most important concern right now, though, is whether or not Coruscant is going to feel like an actual place or if it’ll just be a sterile series of corridors like the majority of Star Wars shooters. If you’re going to set your story in a gigantic, multi-cultural galactic hub freshly thrust under the yoke of a totalitarian government, then you’ve got to do some pretty serious work to make that world feel genuine and consistent.

    Also, I’m totally on board with requesting character customization. I’m of the opinion that if designers are going to make me stare at a dude who’s taking up a quarter of the screen the entire time I’m playing a game, then they can at least give me some input into what he/she looks like.

  6. I’m disappointed in the third person aspect, it’s not my thing. I can remember how bad the old Bounty Hunter game was… Though Force Unleashed was entertaining.

    I think customisation is an absolute must, character race, gender, equipment, armour, style of hunting etc etc.

    It’s going to have to go some to tear me away from Halo 4.

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