Sitting out spoiler season

I’ve made a shocking decision: I decided to go spoiler-free for Invincible.

Okay, maybe not that shocking, as it seems that there are many people out and about in fandom who actually don’t read spoilers. Who never do. But I’ve never really been one of them.

Oh, before the internet, sure. For much of the New Jedi Order, when I often didn’t care one or the other. I heard things (both big deaths, for instance) but the sheer wallowing in spoilers that’s characterized most of Legacy of the Force was absent. I rarely have the patience to read the giant TFN threads to begin with, but for the spoilers? I did it. And I think I overdosed.

TFN is hard to take at times. Sure, I don’t mock them quite as much as I used to, but if it’s possible to discuss a book to the death, TFN’s Literature board does it daily. And never so much as when the first spoilers show up. To the point that by the time a book came out, I was already half-sick of it. (And no, it’s not just TFN, they’re simply the most extreme example.)

It’s funny that I only decided to this now, when I’m not even that emotionally involved. Oh, I’m interested, but I don’t have a horse in this race: I figure my ponies are safe, and if Denning decides to finish what he started in Star by Star and take out the rest of the YJK generation, I’ll probably cheer. But not knowing beforehand just seemed the right thing to do.

So I’m avoiding it all. I’ve seen a few things, but nothing major. And it’s come through here: I may have erred too much on the side of caution, not posting some news because it seemed a bit too tempting.

And thus, our new poll…


(The LOTF ending poll will stay on the sidebar until Sunday night.)

2 Replies to “Sitting out spoiler season”

  1. I’m right there with you on this. I try to stray away from any spoilers having learned my lesson w/ TVshows. I have found that when I watch the ‘Next week on *insert your favorite show here*’ my brain races with different scenarios about how things will go down and then i’m inevitably dissapointed when I see what TPTB actually filmed. I’ll wait and see what profic does and then wait and see how fanfic corrects the mistakes.

  2. I’m actually pretty good at avoiding spoilers outside of Star Wars, mainly because I’m simply not involved in other fandoms. I was throughly spoiled for the last Potter book (I didn’t read the carpet book, just knew plenty who did) but that’s the exception rather than the rule.

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