Shepperton Studios lawsuit in the courtroom

The BBC, Reuters, and Bloomberg are all covering the case between Andrew Ainsworth’s Shepperton Design Studios and Lucasfilm, over who really owns the stormtrooper designs. That’s a lot more coverage than I remember for the American version.

As for the case itself, it seems Lucasfilm called in the troops – literally. has the most on the presence of the armored, presumably the 501st:

Michael Bloch QC, representing Lucasfilm, looked at the armour and helmets surrounding him and told Mr Justice Mann: “The gentlemen sitting in front of me and around me, who are known throughout the world, are the subject matter of the entire case.”

The judge, looking at the white armour of the Stormtrooper in front of him, asked: “Will they be there for the entire case?”

And no one brought a camera?

Meanwhile, The Guardian says there were only two costumed figures.