Seth Green: New Star Wars series “isn’t going to suck”

Seth Green and Matthew Senreich | Photo by Bonnie Burton | starwarsblog @ Flickr.comVariety’s article on the new show gives us a few more details on what to expect, including the role of Robot Chicken masterminds Seth Green and Matt Senreich. They’ll be “shaping the type of comedy we’re looking for and the look of the show,” according to producer Jennifer Hill.

It will be neither a sketch show nor a spoof, but character-driven story comedy that may include “crossover appearances from the movie characters.” I’m getting Muppet Babies vibes again (grr, argh) but there’s also this:

But Senreich promised, “We’re on the same page as the fans, because we are fans.” Green concurred: “We’re not talking about Jar-Jar electrocuting his tongue. It’s not that kind of humor. If George (Lucas) would have wanted to make that version of ‘Star Wars,’ he would have hired other people to do it.”

So I guess we’re back to wait and see!

4 Replies to “Seth Green: New Star Wars series “isn’t going to suck””

  1. I don’t need it to be “adult” humor, but if they can make it humor that adults would also find funny, I’ll be pleased.

    It’s Seth. I have faith.

  2. Comedy but with “character driven” moments? Animated Space Balls? Gee, didn’t we already get that in the past few years and they never made any more?

    I’m still guessing its going to be all over the place like Robot Chicken. Green is also getting his influence felt more and more with the corporate media companies these days.

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