San Diego Rocket Race is on Totally Rad Show!

YAY! The episode of the Totally Rad Show with Club Jade’s very own SirDan and Jawajames’ fabulous San Diego Rocket Race has finally been posted!

If you don’t want to watch the entire show (but you should, because it is awesome), you can catch Part I at 16:36-21:30 and Part II at 40:29-46:53. In the first part, you’ll see James introducing the race at the starting line, and Dan giving Team Totally Rad Show a bit of a hard time at the first clue stop since they were dead last. He had to push them forward in the race, skipping two clues to catch up to everyone else at the lunch point. Sorta.

In the second part, the guys continue to struggle and have a good old time anyway. The Time Warp at Jesse’s stop is priceless. They finally arrive at the finish line (2

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  1. random quote on the TRS forums:

    Those two guys that created the rocket race should branch out over the united states, i would love to join in on a race here in my city.

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