Rumor: Lucasfilm/DC crossover in the works?

Our first rumor of the new year! Rich Johnston of the comic site Bleeding Cool claims that Lucasfilm, Dark Horse and DC Comics will be “getting into bed for crossovers with epic proportions.” Okay? It certainly seems like Dark Horse has been keeping something under wraps, but that could mean anything… (via)

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  1. A Star Wars/DCverse crossover? a decade or more ago, I could have seen Dark Horse pushing for such a thing as the major publishers were in the middle of super crossover madness (Batman/Predator, Superman/Aliens, Batman/Tarzan were some Dark Horse crossovers), and then we got things like Archie/Punisher and Aliens/Predator/Witchblade/Darkness and Marvel Zombies/Army of Darkness.

    But back in the 90s, Dark Horse answered at Comic-Con that they wouldn’t do Star Wars crossovers (and i think they hinted that it was because LFL wouldn’t sanction that). Now decades later, with Hasbro’s Star Wars toys already crossing over as Transformers and Mr. Potato Head, it could be more possible. definitely Infinities.

    But it could answer my old question.
    Lightsaber vs Superman?

  2. Lobo vs. Boba Fett.

    (With Lobo winning, but that’s my own personal hope. Sorry, ain’t a Fett fan)


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