Rumors: Iceland, Scotland scouted for Episode VII?

Fréttatíminn's photoshopperyWhat’s May 4th without a couple of Episode VII rumors? Two separate news sources are saying that locations in Iceland and Scotland may be in the mix for Episode VII.

The Sun claims that shooting in in the Highlands and the Isle of Skye is pretty much a done deal, but… It’s The Sun.

Meanwhile, in Iceland, Fréttatíminn (translated) is only claiming that possible locations have been scouted in the south of the country. Maybe. (via)

All I can say is that when it comes to photoshopping, Iceland is the clear winner.

8 Replies to “Rumors: Iceland, Scotland scouted for Episode VII?”

  1. Scotland would be great. Remember the Braveheart mock-trailer for Episode II? The circle is now complete. :D

  2. Iceland has spectacular scenery. I hope these reports are true and location shooting comes back in a big way after ROTS did away with it entirely.

  3. If Scotland is on the list, then so must be Ewan. Even if filming isn’t in Scotland, Ewan needs to be in SWVII. If Obi-Wan’s there, Ewan is likewise.

    1. I can see Ewan doing a cameo – Force ghost? ‘Old’ holos? – but given the (presumed) timeline, not much more than that… Unless we want them to revive Zahn’s old HttE idea and have an Obi-clone running around. ;)

  4. It is fun to throw these around but Arndt is still working on the script, I really doubt the crew is scouting yet.

    1. I suspect it’s just the film industries in those countries actively lobbying to get Lucasfilm’s attention in one way or another.

      But LFL does have those ‘story treatments’ of George’s – so it might not too early for concept artists to be working on things like planets.

  5. Yeah that’s true. But I feel those treatments are extremely general. If I remember correctly, EPIII scouting was right up until principal photography, with places like Switzerland for Alderaan.

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