Rumor: Who is Max von Sydow in The Force Awakens?


Could this be Making Star Wars’ final reveal for The Force Awakens? Jason says he (finally) has the name of Max von Sydow’s character, and that’s that. He’s done. (For now.) There are a few more details in the story, but they’re all fairly low-level spoilers, all things considered.

3 Replies to “Rumor: Who is Max von Sydow in The Force Awakens?”

  1. I’m afraid to visit the link–he’s done insofar as he’s voluntarily stopping, or because there’s nothing left to reveal?

    1. The relevant paragraph is totally spoiler-free:

      Most of the information hitting for The Force Awakens is low hanging fruit at this point. But this is one piece of information I have chased for the better part of a year now. With that said, the movie is just around the corner and the deeper mysteries will be revealed on screen and I have no plans to reveal anything more about the character. With our focus on the next Star Wars productions being undertaken at present, this is perhaps the last mystery (if accurate) that I cared to truly know and share from The Force Awakens.

      So he only really implies that he won’t be sharing anything else (deeper mysteries) NOT about von Sydow. We’ll see.

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