Rumor: The basic plot of Episode VII?

Rumor: The basic plot of Episode VII? Making Star Wars gathers together some of the latest (and very basic) rumors about the plot of the film and why Han Solo is apparently so essential to it. (AICN is the original source here, so take that as you will.) There’s a new-to-me tidbit that Daisy Ridley’s character may have been living on Tatooine for a long time, but as always: Game of telephone.

2 Replies to “Rumor: The basic plot of Episode VII?”

  1. just spitballing- theoretically if Daisy Ridley’s character had been on Tatooine for a long time preceeding Ep 7 what rules her out of being Luke’s daughter as opposed to Han/Leia’s. Like I said, spitballing, but really….we know nothing.

    1. She could totally be Luke’s kid – OR maybe Luke IS/WAS hiding out on Tatooine to raise or train his niece? Maybe she comes home, place roughed up, Luke missing, and calls Han? Could also explain the presence of Imperials, if Boyega is involved in that mission and gets shot down.

      But, y’know, just spitballing here.

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