Rumor: No Clone Wars bonus content on upcoming DVD/Blu-rays, annoucement coming Friday

Hondo and Obi-wan

Rebelforce Radio says they’ve heard that neither of The Clone Wars DVD and Blu-ray sets that were spotted on French Amazon earlier this month will not contain the much-anticipated ‘bonus content.’ The sets, expected out in mid-October, include both S5 and a complete series box set. RFR also says that the complete series set comes with a book, Obi-wan will be featured on the cover of S5, and that we’ll be getting a formal announcement on Friday.

But RFR goes on to say that there won’t be an announcement regarding the bonus content anytime soon. One can hope this means that the stuff will eventually get a much more significant play than as mere special features. But given that near-rabid interest in it from some corners of fandom, the state of the bonus content is sure to come up sometime this weekend at one of Celebration Europe’s Clone Wars panels… I’d be very surprised if hint or two isn’t dropped at some point.

Or maybe I’m just sick of typing ‘bonus content.’

4 Replies to “Rumor: No Clone Wars bonus content on upcoming DVD/Blu-rays, annoucement coming Friday”

  1. It falls in line with Kiner saying he thinks they’re doing a Blu-ray with a soundtrack (which was still being negotiated at that point).

  2. Obi-Wan on the cover? It should be Ahsoka. Hopefully they will show a clip of the bonus content at Celebration II.

  3. Kevin Kiner said that he already worked on at least 10 episodes of Season 6. i wonder what their doing behind those closed curtains ;-;

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