Rumor: Jack O’Connell up for Episode VII role

Jack O’Connell in Private Peaceful

SEQUEL TRILOGY RUMORS: Take seriously at your own risk.Bleeding Cool reports today that Jack O’Connell is a “real contender” for a role in Episode VII – close enough that he’s met with J.J. Abrams and the “meeting went very well.” They’re not sure which role he’s up for, though.

O’Connell is new to me, but he’ll be in next year’s 300: Rise of an Empire and has built up quite a resume over in the U.K., including a stint on Skins.

3 Replies to “Rumor: Jack O’Connell up for Episode VII role”

  1. Most everyone on the British version of Skins is fairly good young actor. I can’t think of a show full of young people that has such a strong pool of solid young people. It would surprise me if not one person from that show ended up in these films somehow.

  2. This rumour makes me very excited – I’ve watched both seasons of Skins he starred in and I’ve always thought he was a great actor. Britain has such a great pool of young acting talent, it’d be fantastic to see Star Wars take advantage of it.

  3. He’s completely new to me – but what strikes me from pics is his facial likeness with Mark Hamill…; the broad jaw, the nose…

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