Gambit in Wolverine!

IMAGE: So, wait, if Kol is Wolverine, than is Cade... No. Can't be. But now we know who he stole the coat from.It’s great that they might finally bring Gambit into the X-Men movieverse (or so Superhero Hype reports) but what does he have to do with Wolverine? I mean, I realize I only read X-Men comics for a year or two back in the 90’s, but the two never struck me as having much of a connection. Are they swapping Gambit in for a less popular character, ala Rogue for Jubilee in the first X-movie?

And, sorry Josh Holloway fans, but they’re also saying that Taylor Kitsch of Friday Night Lights has been cast. Hopefully he doesn’t turn out to be too much of a disappointment for the lusting fangirls. Assuming they can tear their eyes from Hugh Jackman, anyway.

ETA: Variety reports that Kitsch is in and indeed playing Gambit. Ryan Reynolds and also join the cast as Deadpool and John Wraith.

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