Rumor: Celebration 5 confirmed? Yeeeaaahh….

GalacticBinder is reporting that ‘reliable sources’ have confirmed a Celebration 5 date and location to them: Mid-August 2010 in Orlando. With all respect to GalacticBinder, I’m not ready to believe quite yet. Alas, I have to hit the hay early tonight, but you may want to keep a weather eye on (Protip: No flash in the archives) and/or @starwars just in case. Or, as they say themselves:

FYI: unless you hear #StarWars Celebration news on @starwars or, it’s NOT official.

Though judging by how far and wide that has been retweeted in the few minutes since it was posted, we’re all far too cynical to believe anyone but LFL themselves at this point.

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