Rumor: Cad Bane headed to Netflix?

Hey kids! It's CAD BANE! He's cool!

Scum and Villainy at Yahoo debuted an interesting rumor this weekend: That Star Wars properties will, like their siblings at Marvel, head to Netflix. “The idea being tossed around right now is a series focusing on Cad Bane from The Clone Wars,” their source says. “But this is very early talks.”

STAR WARS RUMORS: Take seriously at your own risk.“It’s just the one series but a number of other shows focusing on different characters is a very big possibility.”

Jason at Making Star Wars has heard this as well, but that it’s “so early it wasn’t even really notable at this stage.” And he heard it was live action, not animated, but even his source was skeptical that it’ll go anywhere.

Even if this is just the fruit of some brainstorming at Lucasfilm, at least The Clone Wars fans can take some solace that the show isn’t being swept under a rug somewhere. If Bane is in the running, I’m sure some of the show’s other breakout characters will have a chance at the spotlight as well.

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  1. A live-action Cad Bane series, (maybe set in the same post-RotS era as the original live-action series)? Yes please.

    1. Yeah, they could very easily move him into the intertrilogy/OT era – which may be why we’re hearing about him and not Ahsoka.

      The thing with Ahsoka – or any Jedi – is that they all have a pretty set expiration date: the day they meet Vader. Not counting her out, just saying there are a lot more directions to go in with a character like Cad Bane where you don’t necessarily have to bring in someone from the majors.

      Ahsoka is probably best suited for a mini-series/tv (Netflix?) movie, assuming she doesn’t end up in Rebels.

  2. I would love to see Ahsoka’s story finished, or at least know her trajectory a bit more than we do now. Right now she’s wide open and can do anything as a character.

    She isn’t a Jedi anymore. Since she renounced the Jedi Order and went on her own, she might not even be actively hunted by the Empire (heck, politically she could be seen as heroic for leaving the order). If she is hunted, it would be because of her potential and her past training.

    I would imagine Ahsoka is one of the last things on the list to bring to the tv screen at this time. I imagine that would feel like more of the same and they would want to do something fresh.

  3. Wouldn’t be suprised if 1.) Ahsoka’s species ages slower than humans so a mid-30s to early-40s human-age looking Ahsoka pops up in the Sequel Trilogy or 2.) Ahsoka gets the carbonite treatment and is released at around that physical age for Ep. VII. I don’t think we’ve seen the last of her yet. Would be great to have Ashley Eckstein portray her on film.

  4. Sorry folks but Ahsoka is probably dead by the time of ANH. It’s be great to see how her story ends, but I agree with Dunc – we already know it does end and that reduces the creative freedom of the show. I’d rather see Ahsoka’s fate handled in a spin-off movie where her death can get the dramatic treatment it deserves.

    1. Ahsoka in the sequel trilogy? No thanks. Way too many Jedi – or Jedi trainees, if we’re going to precious about these things – have ‘survived’ in the EU, and that’s one thing I’d like to see the ST do away with.

      Until we hear otherwise, I’m just going to assume she was gardening on Alderaan with Ferus.

  5. I think that she’s not a Jedi, so she wouldn’t get caught up in Order 66. Even if Vader thought about her, he tried to steer clear of things that reminded him of Anakin Skywalker, so I think he might have left her alone if he could.

  6. Yeah, a spin-off would be ideal for Ahsoka. If it ended with her confronting Vader, and knowing who he really is, her death against him would be rather emotional (for me at least). Could be some great conversations between them in a final battle.

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