Roundup: Do the spin-offs depend on Episode VII being a success?

abrams-junketLike these movies won’t be hits? As the Star Trek Into Darkness junket clips stagger out into the world, Abrams implies to MTV that the Star Wars spinoffs will depend on Episode VII going the distance.

Also from MTV: Damon Lindelof on Abrams and Star Wars, and they even asked Leonardo DiCaprio if he’d like to do future Star Wars. (He famously turned down Attack of the Clones back in the day.)

On that note… Simon Pegg talks about Abrams and Star Wars with Totalfilm – though he clarifies that he has no inside info from Abrams. And yes, they’re still asking random movie folks about Episode VII.

Interview. And finally, for someone who will almost certainly actually be in Episode VII, here’s more from Mark Hamill.

5 Replies to “Roundup: Do the spin-offs depend on Episode VII being a success?”

  1. Boy, Paramount must be thrilled that they’re basically paying for an Episode VII press tour at this point.

    And I might be in the minority for this one, but I think DiCaprio would have been a pretty damn great Anakin.

    1. Yeah, but the hype may actually sell Star Trek tickets to people who may not usually go see Star Trek movies, just to see what’s up. Episode VII may be looming over Into Darkness, but it’s not in theaters in two weeks, either.

      DiCaprio’s Anakin: The David Lynch’s ROTJ of the prequel trilogy..?

  2. Has an offer being made to DiCaprio ever actually been confirmed? I remember the weekly rumors back in 2000. I’m glad he didn’t get it. I like him a lot as an actor, but when I see him in a movie, I see DiCaprio, not the character he’s playing. I’m a big proponent of unknown casting for the heroes and venerable actors for the older supporting cast.

    I don’t see how Episode VII being a success will affect the first spin-off. It will probably be filming when Episode VII hits if they’re going to be a year apart.

    1. Jason: I’m not sure if that’s something they would confirm? I don’t have any of the PT making-off books but if it’s mentioned by LFL anywhere it would be there.

      Aaron: Yeah, too late for him and SW. I can see him doing a franchise 20/30 years from now when he’s in his ‘Hollywood elder’ period, or maybe once he gets that Oscar he’s been baiting for and chills out a bit.

  3. Good point, Dunc. I didn’t see Abrams’ first Star Trek in theaters, but I’ll definitely go see Trek 2 (if only to find out if I need sun glasses for Episode VII…).
    As for DiCaprio: I think he’s somewhat out of our league now. Back then, it might have (barely) worked, but now he’s too A class Hollywood, I guess.
    Speaking of Episode II candidates, though: I hope Christopher Walken finally makes an appearance in the sequels. He was on every spoiler/rumor list for every prequel, so it’s about time he got an offer. :-)

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