Reviewers intrigued by ‘Grievous Intrigue’?

Give Greevy his cuddles or the Jedi gets it!

General Grievous tried to trap some Jedi in ‘Grievous Intrigue’, but they managed to escape again – let’s see how he fared in trapping the viewers of Star Wars: The Clone Wars:

  • IGN liked the more complex nature of Grievous shown here, and gave it a 9 out of 10.
  • TheForce.Net enjoyed the Obi-wan/Grievous rivalry and the spectacular lightsaber duels.
  • SWCloneWarsReviews gave it 3/5 stars, calling it fun and enjoyable, but pointing out almost some boredom with Grievous-style lightsaber combat and the lack of tension caused by “we know these people all survive to Episode III” syndrome.
  • Dauntless Media liked the kinetic, intense action, and calling the episode a visual feast, but without depth — and the episode being poorly named.
  • Big Shiny Robot loved the commando droids and calls the episode “preposterously well animated action.”

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