9 Replies to “Retro horrors of unintentional hilarity: 1977 Tiger Beat says Hans Solo who?”

  1. That’s brilliant! The Wookiee description is beyond hilarious. And Hans. And Leia is a hero, too, “…just like Mark.”

    Oh. Sorry. Apparently Mark’s name must always have an exclamation point after it. Mark! (Which I totally get, but it’s annoying to read.)

  2. We should totally do that. Mark! Carrie! George!

    …Okay, no. I guess I’ll have to add teenybopper magazines to my ‘We grew up on the kissassery of People/Entertainment Tonight, of course we started snarking on the internet the minute we were able.’ theory.

  3. The nerd in me wants to roll its eyes at how terribly wrong this article is, but it’s so excited I just can’t bring myself to be mad at it.

  4. I like how they had to specify which one Carrie was in the picture.

    This whole thing makes my inner beta reader twitch – but the “feathered hair” tag almost makes it all worthwhile.

  5. This is probably what passed for a good movie review in those days. I have to say when it comes to not spoiling the film Mark! It might be wise to tell them SOMETHING from the real plot, so they don’t basically make it all up. Useful though it was to discover the Princess Organa Leia is a hero, just like Mark! is and that the film if full of fantasy.

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