Rebels posters promote the Empire across the web

Rebels poster (Empire)Rebels poster (IGN)

Lucasfilm paired with six entertainment sites to release posters promoting Rebels. The six Imperial propaganda posters appear at Empire Online, IGN, Mashable, the Brazilian Omelete, and Entertainment Tonight. The posters are by Lucasfilm’s Amy Beth Christenson.

Card versions will be part of a special mailing that will go out to 2,500 individuals around the world – no word on how those people were chosen, but they’ll be in the mail tomorrow, apparently.

While it’s nice to see at least something official come out of Rebels after the recent LEGO-based leaks, I’m not sure how much these do to vent frustration. They’re nice, and they’re new, but they don’t really tell us anything we don’t already know about the show. Still, hopefully this is a sign that we’re getting closer to some real announcements.