Report: Celebration V won’t be in Baltimore

The Baltimore Business Journal has revealed that the city’s bid for the 2010 convention has been rejected:

Organizers of the Star Wars Celebration V rejected the city because its convention center doesn’t have enough room, said Tom Noonan, who heads the city tourist bureau. The four-day gathering could have attracted 35,000 visitors and filled 12,000 hotel room nights — a larger impact than any convention the city currently hosts.

The status of bids from Orlando, Chicago or any of the other east coast cities that have been mentioned as candidates remain unknown to us. (via)

8 Replies to “Report: Celebration V won’t be in Baltimore”

  1. Honestly, at this point I’m cool with anyplace that’s not Florida. Well, anyplace that’s not directly off the gulf coast, anyway.

  2. There was a rumor that the CV facebook leader seems to believe that Florida will get it and it will be in August. I declared shenanigans: no to Florida, no to August, and no to rumors that NO ONE ELSE HAS. :P

  3. I ranted about that on Twitter. The CV Facebook guy may mean well, and he certainly gets a lot of shit from the masses, but he seems rather exceptionally clueless.

  4. @ Orangerful: You’d think, but the OLG reaction is actually “whew.” While it would have been nice in terms of the commute, we are relieved that we don’t have to do all the work that the host garrison must do.

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