Rent the house where George Lucas apparently wrote The Star Wars

Curbed LA spotted this Craigslist entry for a Beverly Hills one-bedroom “once occupied by George Lucas,” claiming he “wrote the script for Star Wars here. But that was back in 1974 and the house, although habitable, is now very old and needs work.”

Curbed did a little digging to verify that Lucas had indeed rented a house on the street in question back in the day, and 1974 is indeed the year he wrote the first draft of the movie that eventually became Star Wars.

The house needs a lot of work and the owners are looking for a long-term tenant with a handyman streak. For $2000 a month, (it only cost Lucas $80) it could be yours.

8 Replies to “Rent the house where George Lucas apparently wrote The Star Wars

  1. I love how the poster thinks that only a man can handle repairing things.

    But if you’re helping to repair the place, then the price should be way lower than $2,000 a month!

  2. But if you go back in time to do that it’ll already be in better condition and be cheaper. More like go back in time and tell George that Han shoots first. ALWAYS.

  3. Pretty sure $2000/month is about what a one-bedroom apartment goes for down there, so getting a full house out of the deal in exchange for handyman services is probably about right, before adding in the Lucas historical bonus.

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