Real live pro author writes Firefly fanfic

Stephen Brust has released My Own Kind of Freedom, an unauthorized Firefly novel, on his web site for download. (via)

I’ll be very interested to see what the fanfic community has to say about this… It’s nothing new for a pro writer to have written or be writing fanfic, but usually there’s a tad more remove.

One Reply to “Real live pro author writes Firefly fanfic”

  1. Uh… is it just me, or is the “no derivatives” thing a bit, I dunno, hypocritical? “I’m going to write this derivative work without permission, but don’t you dare write anything derivative of my derivative work!” WTF?

    It’s like fanfic authors who get huffy if you use their OCs without their permission. You mean, like the permission you got from the fandom’s creator and/or license holder? ::facepalm::

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