Probably false: Inferno synopsis

The latest item of interest for Legacy of the Force fans is a fairly detailed (in comparison) summary of #6, Troy Denning’s Inferno.

Chances are it’s a fake, given the timing, typos, and Amazon being Amazon, but it’s under the cut if you’re interested.

The galaxy is in turmoil due to spreading and incresingly violent civil war – and the Solo/Walker clan is in shock after the horrifying murder of one of it’s most beloved members. Jacen Solo, now a full Sith Lord, has seized control of the Galactic Alliance. Luke Skywalker’s judgement is clouded by grief, even as he faces his most momentous decision since becoming Grand Master of the Jedi order: whether to support Jacen’s illegitimate government against the forces threatening Coruscant…or to join the Rebel Confederacy and take arms against the Galactic Alliance he helped forge.

One Reply to “Probably false: Inferno synopsis”

  1. Pfff…aside from the murder of a Solo/Walker(Walker? Is it Alice? Will Luke be turning Purple with grief?) that sounds like, hmm…New Jedi Order maybe? Just how many governments are they going to form then rebel against anyway?

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