Point of no return this, Andrew Lloyd Webber

He’s prepping a Phantom of the Opera sequel, Love Never Dies. But wait, it gets worse: It’s set on Coney Island.

And while my first thought was that MSNBC got epically trolled, it’s up on Webber’s official site. Chatter is that it’s at least partially based on The Phantom of Manhattan, a book I’m rather grateful that I didn’t know existed until now. (via)

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  1. Before you crucify Sir Andrew, remember that this is Forsythe’s Phantom of Manhattan, and as Phantom sequels go, it’s actually far from the worst. (If you value your sanity don’t read either Sherlock Holmes/PTO crossover. Just don’t.) I dont’ like the ending (but any ending that doesn’t involve Raoul dead or out of the picture will never entirely make me happy) but it’s not awful. It is, however, not exactly a romance, either.

    I have to wonder if Coppola/Stoker estate et al are upset if “Love Never Dies” is the actual title. Given that was their tag line for the ’90s Dracula flick and all.

    Oh, and check out cleolinda’s LJ for who ALW’s first choice (and he’s apparently very interested) to play the phantom is. Everyone’s favorite time-hopping pansexual monster-fighting Scottish-American former Companion/spinoff star, that’s who. Jack in a cape and mask, y’all.

  2. Barrowman was the host of ALW’s Birthday concert & got to announce the title of the sequel there.

    I could see ALW writing the role for him.

    Not that that’s a good thing…

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