Pleasantly surprised by Reaper

With both of last season’s Tuesday night staples (Veronica Mars and the twilight of Gilmore Girls) off the air, prime time seemed mighty uninviting last night. The Food Network came to my rescue at 8 with back to back reruns of Good Eats, but at 9 they turned the channel over to Rachael Ray and that I can not abide. So habit lead me to the CW, and the first episode of Reaper.

Which… did not suck. I’d heard the show compared to Buffy, and while that might not be the most fair comparison, it was entertaining enough. So I agree with EW’s Michael Slezak – try to catch the encore Thursday night. It might not be the next Heroes, but it may at least entertain you.

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  1. I caught the pilot episode at Comic-Con (in director Kevin Smith’s panel), and thought it was rather entertaining. i’m not sure i would compare it to buffy – while both are about ordinary young people thrust into jobs against the supernatural, the shows have a very different feel. buffy was more drama, and reaper is more comedy, perhaps? and the protagonist of reaper is being set up as a hero (no saving the world).. but just a guy with another job.
    i’m sure after next week’s episode, i’ll have more to say.

  2. Don’t really understand the Buffy comparison, but I enjoyed it well enough. I think it reminds me more of ‘Dead Like Me’ mixed with ‘Wonderfalls’ (and if you’re read Christopher Moore’s ‘A Dirty Job’, swirl that in a bit too)

    I’ll be watching the next few episodes to see where they go with it. I hope it stays fun! That’s really all I ask at this point.

  3. I gave it a try and was very entertained. Liked it better than Bionic Woman, actually. I think the Buffy comparison is for all the reasons James said, but also because the dialogue is fairly snappy and fresh.

    And maybe I’ve been watching kids’ TV for too long, but they can say “dick” on network television now? And “asshat?” Who knew?

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