People in the news: Lucas, Hamill and Lee

George’s zen. George Lucas gave a resounding “whatever” to the whole PT vs. OT matter the other night, and apparently a grown man acting like an adult about the subject is something shocking. Oh, internet. (If only he’d worn that ‘Han Shots First’ shirt!) Also, he was on NPR’s Fresh Air.

Another shocker. PC Zone asked Mark Hamill why he’s never voiced Luke Skywalker in a video game. Turns out? He’s never been asked. But then, hasn’t the quality and cachet of video games grown quite a bit since the last time (ever?) LucasArts did anything that featured Luke as more than a cameo…?

Presented without comment. Christopher Lee is making a symphonic metal concept album.

3 Replies to “People in the news: Lucas, Hamill and Lee”

  1. jSarek: wow, haha. If you recognized that without looking it up, color me impressed. Very impressed.

    For the record, I have actually honestly encountered kids who love Jar Jar.

    Interesting that Lucas said the poor quality of Luke and Leia’s hiding places had never crossed his mind. When he was making Ep. IV, sure. Even when he was making Ep. I, or whenever he decided that Anakin, too, had grown up on Tatooine. But by the end of making Ep. III? Hm. Sort of surprising.

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