Part TV, Part Game, All Internet

GateWorld has an interview with Damian Kindler about his time with the Stargate franchise and his new show. (Fans of Vala will want to check out the first half, although you do get into some spoiler territory.)

What might interest those who aren’t into Stargate is his discussion about the new internet show Sanctuary. (Scroll about half-way down to where you see the Sanctuary logo.) Apparently, it’s not just going to be a show that’s shown on the internet (as nice as that will be not to have to rely on network schedules). There will be an interactive component that’s part gaming, part pseudo-MMO. You can choose to interact or just enjoy the show.

Of particular pleasure is the fact that there will be no rights to obtain. You can burn it onto DVD and watch it in your home theater. You can load it on to your MP3 player and watch it during your commute (on the train, not driving). Wait for the official DVD version. Whatever your little tech-savvy heart desires!

Sounds like a bold experiment, along with an interesting storyline on top of it. (He describes it as X-Files meets The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.)

Yeah. I’m intrigued. So shoot me!