Out this week: Allston’s Mercy Kill in paperback

X-Wing: Mercy Kill (paperback)Tuesday brings the paperback edition of Aaron Allston’s X-Wing: Mercy Kill. OCD fans rejoice: the first X-wing novel in a decade or so will now match the others on your shelves. Mostly. (It’s still silver.)

Meanwhile, Legacy: Prisoner Of The Floating World #4 will be in the comic shops on Wednesday.

Our next Star Wars book, out July 2, is William Shakespeare’s Star Wars, followed by Troy Denning’s Crucible on the 9th.

Recently added to the schedule is National Geographic Angry Birds Star Wars, a bizarre hodgepodge which apparently explains “the science behind the saga.” Why exactly you need Angry Birds for that, I don’t know. (Seriously, Rovio, I’ve played these games – they’re barely educational. You’re not fooling me.) In any case, it’s coming out in both hardcover and paperback on September 17 and will probably outsell most of the other stuff in this post.

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  1. it will explain such things as how slingshotting around a gravity well will work. and why Leia/pink bird’s tractor beam is such a pain to use.

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