Orlando preparing Celebration V bid?

They’re pitching it next week for an August 2010 date, information procured by TheForce.Net says:

A presentation is being prepared for Lucasfilm and Reed Exhibitions next week and the group plans to narrow down the candidate cities to (2) by October 10th. From there, site visits will commence for the rest of the month with a tentative decision to be made by November 1st.

Perhaps just as interesting, is that a second bid is listed for an additional Celebration in August of 2014.

This does not mean Orlando will get the convention(s,) just that they’re trying for it, but I’ve done a bit of research on my own and I believe they could be a leading candidate. But August in Florida? Heat, humidity, and hurricanes? I’m not so sure about that, but at this point it may be their only opening. (I’m still crossing my fingers for Baltimore or Chicago.)

TFN also points out that Reed Exhibitions has been organizing New York Comic-Con. Of course, this is all unconfirmed!

7 Replies to “Orlando preparing Celebration V bid?”

  1. Orlando in August? I’m not so sure about that- esp from the hurricane POV.

    I can only imagine the fights –
    fan: I want to hear about the new toys from Hasbro!
    volunteer: I’m sorry sir, but we’re evacuating due to the impending hurricane.
    fan: I came to hear about the toys and I’m not leaving till I do!


  2. Oh no, oh no, oh no. Who wants to go to friggin’ Florida in August?!

    And yes, the hurricane season. Hello? Practically every other year fans from Florida can’t attend Dragon*Con due to hurricanes. I think that’d just be awful.

    But there is the reality that they’re woefully late. So we will end up someplace that isn’t so desirable during August.


  3. Orlando Would be perfect!!! the whole hurricane deal is random this year we didnt get anything. The heat isnt bad anyways youll be inside most of the time. I would love it

  4. Boo! if they have it in chicago or florida, i won’t be able to go. i’m in southern california (too bad they can’t have it in LA or san diego) i have family in washington DC so ::crosses fingers:: that its in baltimore.

  5. Baltimore would be great because im from PA and it would be nice to catch a break and spend more on collectables. After going to the first 4 celebrations being close would be a blessing.

  6. My initial response: HELL NO! I barely got out of that hellhole enough as it is and not even Star Wars would be enough to get me to go there again.

    But then again, Luke hoped he’d never have to go back to Tatooine…

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