6 Replies to “One fan’s report from ‘The Mandalore Plot’ screening”

  1. OMG! WHAT!? IS THIS FOR REAL!?!? My video is posted on clubjade.net!? AAAAAAHHHH!!!! THIS IS SO COOL!!!! I’m so honored and deeply humbled. Thanks for the links and the “engagement” announcement and congrats as well, this is so surreal! I LOVE STAR WARS AND I LOVE clubjade.net!

  2. That’s awesome. Star Wars love!

    And I hope that fans in other parts of the country get to be treated to special events.

    (Okay. A girl can dream, can’t she?)

  3. Congrats to JediMike! Quite a week for him!

    Paula, I like to think that Atlanta could have some sort of similar event, considering that CN is headquartered here. But who knows?

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