Om nom nom: Time for a pre-JadeCon cupcake break

Cupcakes by spoolsisters @ Flickr

Be sure to take a closer look at these great Star Wars cupcakes by Spoolsisters (Tracy & Carrie) at Flickr. (via)

I’m not sure how much posting there will be for the next couple of days, as JadeCon is officially gearing up on Thursday and I’ve got a ton and half to do before flying out tomorrow. But as always, we’ll have laptops and try our best to post from the con! (You can peruse the previous years, at your peril, here.)

2 Replies to “Om nom nom: Time for a pre-JadeCon cupcake break”

  1. First few seconds I looked at this and thought “they got kind of lazy on some of the cupcakes, just sticking tooth pics on them, I don’t get–” and then I got it and felt very silly.

    The whole thing is cute, but the big eyed Jaba really sticks out to me. :)

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