Oh joy, another Padme figure.

Remember the Sideshow Collectibles’s Choice poll for an EU figure? Guess who won?

Arctic Suit Padme from the Clone Wars cartoons. As for the actual EU characters, Mara Jade came in at #2 (losing by just 54 votes,) followed by Kir Kanos, Quinlan Vos, Asajj Ventress, and Grand Admiral Thrawn.

Oh Star Wars fandom, will you ever stop making me go WTF?

ETA: In this interview with RebelScum, Sideshow’s Licensing Coordinator Brock Otterbacher says:

“The way that Expanded Universe Poll stands, the winner is going to get made, that’s not say that we might not take another figure from that didn’t win and make that later on. It won’t be like ‘second place’ or ‘third place’, it would just be a figure that we all like as a group internally here further on down the line. If it proves successful, yeah we’d consider expanding it into its own line or maybe just peppering it into the whole line here and there.”

So there’s still hope for an actual EU character figure. I expect this leans on how many collectors are also EU fans, and how many EU fans are willing to spend $50 on a ‘collector’s item.’