Odds on the final cylon?

A Costa Rican betting site took odds on the identity of Battlestar Galactica‘s final unrevealed Cylon. The best odds look to be on Anastasia Dualla, but I remain skeptical.

Of course, I am still pulling for the reveal to be the triumphant return of Billy, so I’m probably not to be trusted on such things.

2 Replies to “Odds on the final cylon?”

  1. ha! i would love to see a billy comeback, but dualla? i guess i can see her all of a sudden coming out of the woodwork. we’ve barely seen 30 seconds of her in season 4. right now, i’m leaning towards gaeta. i guess we will see… next year! *gags*

  2. Anastasia means “resurrection.” If they didn’t plan that, it’s quite an unfortunate choice.

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