Not the line you’re looking for

Remember the folks waiting for Revenge of the Sith at Grauman’s Chinese Theater? They’re in the wrong line.

“The telling thing is — for me, at least — if the film is not playing at the Chinese … I have zero desire to see it at all,” a fan who calls himself Obi Geewhyen posted on the message board at “I’m in it for the lineup only and don’t give a darn about the conclusion of this lackluster, so-called ‘Star Wars’ series.”

How touching.

The story has been pretty widespread: Boing Boing, Metafilter, and Slashdot all blogged it and it’s pretty much spread all over by now. Nothing like laughing at a bunch of crazy geeks to bring the internet together.

UPDATE 4/7: The story’s made it to mainstream media, and Defamer is on the case.

3 Replies to “Not the line you’re looking for”

  1. I find it very difficult to believe that they wouldn’t find a way to put this film at Grauman’s. Every SW film has played there.

    And ObiGeewhyen? So not going there….

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