Not-quite wacky merchandise: Inflatables

After the madness of April Fool’s, the inflatable starships and Death Star beach ball really don’t get much more than a shrug. Hell, they’re actually kind of adorable… And I really don’t know where else to tell you I saw the kites at Sam’s Club for $20. $20!

9 Replies to “Not-quite wacky merchandise: Inflatables”

  1. I actually kinda like that X-Wing.

    This is not an April Fool’s joke? All the stuff I like seems to turn out that way.

  2. At my high school Grad Nite party, we had a Star Wars theme and I ran away lugging a huge pool inflatable Millennium Falcon.

    I want the Death Star beach ball now.

  3. There used to be a “Falcon” pool toy. It was huge. Seriously the thing could fit about three people. Am I giving myself away that I owned it? :P

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