‘New’ Star Wars DVD sets coming in November

Don’t get your hopes up – it looks like a reissue of the ‘limited edition’ DVDs (for the original trilogy) and standard prequel editions repackaged in two trilogy sets for $49.98 each. Perhaps to coincide with The Clone Wars‘ TV (or DVD?) debut? (via)

2 Replies to “‘New’ Star Wars DVD sets coming in November”

  1. The “Trilogy” / “Prequel Trilogy” naming looks a little unnatural on official packaging. Personally, I think they should’ve just left it out.

    And given what a small role suited Vader has in the PT, I’d have had Sidious in his cowl in the background instead.

    But whatever.

  2. The font is all wacky, like they’re using that really bad fan-made one. I’ve long held that anything but ‘Star Wars’ looks like shit in the logo font, though.

    And I suspect Vader sells stuff better than Palpy. ;)

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