5 Replies to “New cover for Republic Commando: Order 66

  1. Whoah, crazy. Personally, I really liked the old art, w/ the reflection in the visor and everything. But this is certainly attention-grabbing.

    Hmm… the old version certainly looked a lot like the TCW novelization cover. Given that they’re both by KT, do you think they worried about confusion? But the O66 cover was a heck of a lot better than the TCW cover, so… I dunno.

  2. I like this style, but the completist in me cringes that they’re switching while still in the same series. (Okay. That makes me more anal than completist, I suppose.)

  3. SHAB YEAH!!!

    I like this so much more than the previous cover art.

    This actually looks like someone thought about the layout and the design of the cover instead of coming up with some art and slapping the SW logo at the top, the name of the book below that and the authors info at the bottom.

    Plus, this seems to borrow some of the conceptual ideas from the vintage eastern european propaganda posters. I’m digging on this, hard. Kandosii.

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