Mystery: Lucasfilm registering ‘Star Wars: 1313’ trademark

Well, something is on the horizon, but I’m not even going to begin to guess. Lucasfilm has filed for a trademark application for Star Wars: 1313, and registered various domains utilizing various permutations of Star Wars and the number.

Blastr theorizes it may have something to do with Boba Fett, who uses ‘CT-1313’ as an alias in a 2003 YA novel, but I’m not sold. Or, it could be a video game. (Play me once…)

In fact, all that comes to mind for me is Cleopatra 2525, a silly-awful ’01 syndicated series from the makers of Xena: Warrior Princess that starred a pre-Firefly Gina Torres. And clearly has nothing to do with this outside of a brain full of random pop culture dribblings.

Whatever! It’ll come out soon enough.

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  1. Oh. And do people sit around and watch for Lucasfilm to register things? Aren’t there other things to do in this world?

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