My Little Ponies go geek

I wasn’t into Star Wars as a kid – I was all about My Little Pony and Barbie and all that critical mass girlie stuff. So a year or so ago, when I found a picture of Lord Pony, I was amazed and extremely covetous. (Alas, it is not to be.) Today, I found an amazing Alien pony, complete with step-by-step pictorial. Such an oddly compelling combination…

Other custom ponies of interest: Yoda, Spock, gargoyle, Borg, punk, and Masque of the Red Death (one of a series!)

Forget Transformers, LFL – here’s a crossover toy I would buy!

2 Replies to “My Little Ponies go geek”

  1. Someday, I shall make a Vampire: The Masquerade pony R/RH (do they call it that in MLP? In Breyer models that’s Remake/ReHair).

    I do not question Dunc’s girliness. Is there anything more evil than girlie toys?

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