‘Murder’ by critics

Catching up on the reviews of ‘Senate Murders’ (the episode of Star Wars: The Clone Wars from two weeks ago):

  • IGN gives it a 7.8/10 with praise for having a fun Padme episode sans Jedi & clones, but as for the mystery – not too great.
  • Big Shiny Robot called it a mixed bag (Peter Lorre, that’s who I was thinking of!) with a flimsy macguffin, but with a good takeaway point early in the episode.
  • Dauntless Media gave it an “A”, calling it exceptional, and dove into studying the complexities of the characters, including Onaconda Farr’s search for redemption through the senate bill.
  • MTV liked the noirish dock action scene, but felt that the writing, needed especially for a more political episode, was weak.
  • TheForce.net gave a positive review, having enjoyed the politics and intrigue, calling it a welcome departure from the front lines.
  • Television Zombies gave it 3.5/5 lightsabers, feeling that it was somewhat enjoyable, but also a bit of filler. And points out a plot hole: Wouldn’t the Jedi get involved in investigating such a prominent murder?
  • Pendragon’s Post found it lacking, with the new characters being over-the-top, yet falling flat – ultimately, the moral complexity presented got lost in the packaging.
  • Broken Frontier opined that the episode introduced heavy ideas, but fell flat at the end.

And don’t forget the Club Jade review of ‘Senate Murders’ – and sound off with your own feedback.