5 Replies to “Movie might-have-beens”

  1. Count me among those trying to get my head around how cool a 1930s Disney version of A Princess of Mars would be. And how that would probably have turned filmmaking – not just animation, but filmmaking as a whole – on its head.

  2. I always wondered what A.I. would’ve been like if Kubrick had gone through with it…
    And now that we’ve seen Superman Returns, don’tcha wish that Bryan Singer had just done X3?

  3. …I never saw Superman Returns.

    Might soon – I hear it’s showing up on HBO soon, which means maybe one day I’ll be bored enough to watch it.

  4. I’ve seen the James Cameron Spider-Man treatment. It definitely qualifies as the WORST movie never made. Thank God for Sam Raimi!

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