More on the Young Indy DVDs recently announced the release date for Volume 2 of The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones: December 18, 2007. They also put together a series of three articles, one on each volume of the set.

  • Part One discusses the contents of Volume 1, which has been mostly covered – 12 discs, seven episodes, lots of documentaries and other extras.
  • Part Two shows some early cover art for Volume 2, and the 8 episodes (and 26 documentaries) being covered.
  • Part Three discusses Volume 3’s contents: 7 episodes (and 31 documentaries,) and gives a sneak peak at the interactive timeline feature that will be in each DVD set.

Looking at the guest stars listed for each episode makes me wonder if they are dropping the “bookend” storytelling approach that was used for each episode of the TV show. (In general, two episodes of the TV show are being combined as one longer episode for the DVD release, which used interconnecting bookends). Most of the bookends used actor George Hall as an elderly Indiana Jones reminiscing about the past, but for the episode “The Mystery of the Blues”, the bookends contain a story in which Harrison Ford plays Indiana Jones in the 1950s and comes across an item that reminds him of a past adventure. But his name isn’t listed as a guest star for this episode. Hmmm…

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