May the 4th will indeed bring Celebration VI news

Yes, we’ve been so starved for actual news about Celebration VI that even this is news. And yes, we were all totally expecting this. But MTV’s Woodsy has confirmed that there will be Celebration VI announcements. And that’s good enough for me.

Also: An online Clone Wars marathon, eCards, a free app, some sales, and etc. But Celebration VI news is what we really want, yes? (Well, and new Her Universe stuff.)

Also, you should stock up on reaction GIFs, because I’m thinking of starting the day off here with a GIF party. Thoughts?

3 Replies to “May the 4th will indeed bring Celebration VI news”

  1. I sure hope we get something good. I’m getting dangerously close to calling off my trip since I haven’t actually bought a ticket or airfare yet. So far, other than hanging out with other SW fans, there has yet to be a compelling reason to go.

  2. Hanging out with fans is the primary reason I go, so…

    But it IS rather odd that we’ve heard so little, and most of it being obvious stuff. The Nerdist dude was the only real surprise among them, and I’m not sure how much effect that would have on general geekdom.

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