9 Replies to “Mary Sue, the shirt”

  1. More chosen than Anakin? Wiser than Yoda? More badass than Mace? More cunning than Palpatine?

  2. Now that’s a fantastic shirt. :D

    Padmé, Leia, and Jaina would encompass the PT, the OT, and the EU, as well as three generations of the Skywalker family (I personally want Mara in there, but grandmother, mother, and daughter has better symmetry than mother, daughter, and daughter-in-law – alas), but all I can think of for Padmé is “prettier than”, and I can’t think of anything for Jaina. :p

  3. More romantically entangled than Jaina?

    I have one in mind for Mara but it’s kinda spoilerific. :D

  4. Not even a Mary Sue is more romantically entangled than Jaina. :p Diviner than Jaina?

    Knowing it’s spoilerific, I have a good idea of what you have in mind for Mara, Dunc. You’re awful. In a good way. :p

  5. For twins – More identical than Padme and Sabe in royal regalia? More twin-bonded than Luke and Leia (or Jacen and Jaina)?

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