Mark Hamill to direct Black Pearl movie

Hamill will be directing an adaption of the 1996 comic he co-wrote with Eric Johnson.

“It’s kind of daunting,” said Hamill, 58, who previously directed a straight-to-video movie but is making his first try at the big screen. “The pendulum swings from great confidence to what did I get myself into? But I want to. This is going to be really a culmination of years and years of wish fulfillment on my part.”

His previous directing effort, the straight-to-DVD Comic Book: The Movie was fairly well-received (at least as I recall) and may even have featured a CJer (or two?) They hope to begin shooting on Black Pearl next year.

3 Replies to “Mark Hamill to direct Black Pearl movie”

  1. After a quick reading of the synopsis of “The Black Pearl” I’m already into it whether Hamill directs or not.

  2. I actually bought “The Black Pearl” when it first released, being both a huge comic book and Mark Hamill fan. I’m so jazzed to hear there’s a movie now, and directed by him, no less. :D

  3. The Black Pearl would make for a good movie – i enjoyed the comic. would the story get changed a bit to fit a wider audience? possibly so.

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