Margaret Cho: Braiding of the beast

Popmatters asks comedian Margaret Cho the eternal question: Star Trek or Star Wars? Her answer:

Star Wars for sure. I have never seen anything Star Trek. I love sci-fi, but I’m more Star Wars-oriented. I’m totally obsessed with Chewbacca. He’s incredible.

I’m a bit of an insomniac, and so when I can’t sleep, I think about brushing Chewbacca, getting all the tangles out. I bet he is really tangled and needs some of that ‘no more tears’ spray. So I would use a wide tooth comb. I also think about braiding Chewbacca. Like two long, French braids on either side of his body. I bet he would look really good if his hair was braided.

One Reply to “Margaret Cho: Braiding of the beast”

  1. Wow. There’s someone whose focus is stranger than ours!

    Well, not stranger, maybe. As strange? Strange in a different way?

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